Nathania Hartley / Moments Like This: Tapping Into the City

More London, London, UK

16 July 2017

Moments Like This invited artist Nathania Hartley to stage one of her pubic interventions as part of an ongoing project, Tapping Into the City. Nathania met the group at More London where she explained the project and the context of the walk. We fixed pennies to our shoes and embarked on a silent hour-long urban walk with no fixed route or endpoint. 

Tapping Into The City is a project by Nathania Hartley, looking at our movements through private-public space in the city, the impact of urban surroundings on us and our relations with each other. It primarily takes the form of live art group walks. For this edition we'll focus on the area of More London - a 13.5 acre site of privately owned public space in London, encompassing City Hall.

Nathania is an artist creating tiny acts of disruption, using people and place to playfully make us reconsider our everyday. Primarily situated in public space the pieces are frequently transient - interactions or interventions that aim to be accessible to all. She is interested in social relations and all her work is reliant on other people, whether it be in their skills as a performer, their activation as a viewer, or their interaction as a fellow human being. Nathania is an active member of the alternative education group/collective AltMFA.